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My name is Steve Goldbaum. I'm the Owner/Broker of Value One Real Estate, servicing Ventura/Oxnard. My passion for over 2 decades has been helping educate and empower my clients so that they can make the best decisions possible when buying and selling real estate.Having With over 21 years of being .....

Hi Alfonso,

Received, thank you.

I have a question related to this requirement
, "Line items may include hours of work at a certain rate".
What do you
thingthink of creating a simplifysimplified form that may cover different scenarios.
, scenarios where each item/line has a unit price and an amount regar.....

Nankhatai is a famous traditional biscuitsbiscuit of India. These are egg-less cookies and are made up of three ingredients; all-purpose flour, ghee, and sugar. My mom used to make these cookies that are soft, crunchy, and flaky all at the same time. During this lockdown, one of the reciperecipes I had to get my .....

Ce portfolio était très enrichissant comme travail, certes il m’a donnédemandé beaucoup de travail,d'efforts : j'ai du faire plusieurs rechercherecherches comme aller fouiller dans mes vieux cartons afin de trouver mes vieux livres. Mes parents m’ont également offert plusieurs livres pour que je puisse les utiliser pour mon.....

Studying cross-cultural communication at the university made me realize that languages are the key to a successful future. Not only it isis it a very promising skill that openopens a lot of doors, but also it is anotheralso another reality, a world that exists from the point of view of a different culture, whichthat is very i.....

Apartheid was a system in South Africa, that separated people based on their race and skin color. The word 'Apartheid' is an Afrikaan word meaning apartness. Apartheid was intended to protect the power of white Afrikaans over black. There were 148 laws and they consisted of rules that forced white p.....

Simple networks have worked wonderfully in classifying small datasets as MNIST. Multiple layers give the network an attractive advantage in learning to solve complex problems. Adding depth to the CNN in different forms can improve performance. However, the problem of finishing gradientgradients was overcome.....

You were supposed to go onattend an interview in a few
weeks, but you have since found out that you cannot go
on the date arranged.
Write a letter to the potential employer. In your

• Tell them why you need to move the interview time
• Ask to change the interview date
• Explain that you are still

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to request
that you to postpone the interview which is goingwas to be held on 24th July.

I am staying in
a rented apartment in the North York region. Recently, a few of the residents inon our floor arewere infected with COVID-19, due to which building management has requested towe.....

I want you to be happy for the rest of your life, the right way. I feel like our bond is slowly breaking,. I feel like our Mothermother & Son moment isson moments are not happening anymore... We’ve been through a lot together for years andover these many years, and I just hope you would listen to me for once in a life time. The way yo.....

I am Jimook Moon, a manager of an industrial research team in the Korea Vinyl Environmental Council, KOVEC.

Recently, we
arehave been facing a problem regarding the pipe installed in public buildings.
So, we would like to know if you, the US, have any restriction that basement pipes should be made of

I'm alaa abedAlaa Abed and I wrote "Fritzo" , thea book that I wrote every word of itwritten from my heart and I hope that it will reach yours.
My book is special and different from any other book
the one called "Fritzo " is someone you all know and you must have met in your life .
I found in Fritzo someone very interesting, someone
who must be wr.....

Hi Andrew,

I hope you had a nice and safe
4thFourth of July weekend. As you know, I currently live in New Jersey, and have been searching for apartments in Manhattan. I believe living in my territory will only increase sales productivity, as it obviously knocks out the heavy traffic on my commute into.....

Hello, my
name is Brandon Wilson. Cobb County, Georgia has been my main domicile, despite traveling with my mom as she was moving to different states while in the military. After serving five years in the military in Germany, I moved back to Cobb County.

While in the military
, I served as a Dent.....

על פי סעיפים 3,4,5,7 של האמנה הזאת:

• -לעריכת הרישום יש להשתמש באותיות לטיניות. ניתן להשתמש גם באותיות של השפה בה נערך הרישום המקורי.
• יש לכתוב תאריכים במספרים שמציינים את היום, החודש והשנה בהתאמה. יום וחודש
מוצגיםמיוצגים על ידי שני מספרים, שנה מוצגתושנה מיוצגת על ידי ארבעה מספרים. להצגת תשעה הימים הראשונים של כל.....

Chapter 2 : Exploring the puzzles.

One word answer:
iswas Emperor Akbar ?
iswas the wisest among all the advisors?
Emperor Akbar conquestwin the battle?
According to courtiers
, who touched the emperor ?Emperor?
punishment iswas Birbal planning to give to the person who tweaked Akbar's moustache?
Name the

This passage takes us deep into the heart of an honest Godly man who was overwhelmed by fear and afflictions and, for a moment, panicked just as we are being constantly overwhelmed and worn down by what seems like unending afflictions. David, a man of honour and dignity, at the time, had to play mad.....

Research design can be considered as the structure of research it is the “Glue”“glue” that holds all of the elements in a research project together, in. In short, it is athe plan offor the proposed research work. Research design is defined by different social scientists in different terms; some of the definitions are as: according. According to Jahoda, D.....

This concept note is meant forin immediate response for Eriksto the ERIKS supported project in MP, target villages of the project under Pandhana and Khalwa blocks due to Covid-19the COVID-19 outbreak. The planned project activities have come to a halt as a result of COVID 19the COVID-19 pandemic, as the government has initially an.....

God really showed up and showed out for us. I can’t wait to turn OUR house into OUR home . Everyone keepkeeps saying 2020 has been a rough year for them, not for me. In January all charges were dropped against me. In April I was approved for a mobile home off the lot, but I turned it down and didn’t want.....