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 ► 2017 - 2019 : DiplomeDiplôme technicien boulanger pâtissier à l'Institut Spécialisé de l'Hôtellerie et de la Restauration Agadir.
 ► 2017 - 2018 :
La Licence àLicence de la faculté chariaa et droit Ait Melloul.
 ► 2016-2017 : DEUG
àde la faculté chariaa et droit Ait Melloul.
 ► 2013-2014 : Titulaire du baccalaur

I bought a new cell phone from your store on February 05 this year. It is a Motorola C5 plus.

The battery is bad. Instead of
lastsit lasting 2 hours, it´sit only lasts 15 minutes. I tried recharging it one more time, but didn´tthat didn't work. So, I called technical support. A person said that they were going .....

To Customer Service,

I bought a new cell phone from your store on February 05 this year. It is a Motorola C5 plus.

The battery is bad. Instead of
lastslasting 2 hours, it´sit only lasts for 15 minutes. I tried recharging it more timea few times but didn´tit didn't work. So, I called technical support. A person said that.....

My country’s cut in two,

By stout men of ruddy visage we never knew.

A new home awaits,

But beastly fiends prowl the road,

We must escape them; we must make haste.

The August sun is a fireball,

We trod the uncharted path, without food, without water,

Drained to the last sweat, about to fall.

The Treaty of Versailles... Yes, I think that the Treaty of Versailles was very fair to Germany. I think ththis is because Germany deserved something bad in return for even starting the war. It was not fair to Germany how they did not really have a say onin what went on inon with the Treaty of Versailles. Ge.....

By the way, that’s my grand auntgreat-aunt (I call her Koh Poh). I’m Meredith Lee Puay En, a Singapore teenager. Thus thatThat makes me the eighth generation from Mr. Li Yi, my ancestor! I’m the daughter of Lee Chit Keng.

Good evening and welcome to my grandfather’s house. Today’s February 11
the year, 2019, the eighth day .....


Dear Mr
. Jones,
I am writing to
enquireinquire about accommodationaccommodations during my work placement in New York in June and July of this year.
I will be located at the New York public hospital
, as this period coincides with your summer break.
was also wonderingam writing to ask if there wereare any student accommodation availabl.....

"justice as a matter of everyone doing their own work."

What is peculiar about Socrates' idea of justice is that it has nothing at all to do with a legal system. Justice is something that is engineered by the Guardians, through education. Education is a means by which individuals will lose the abil


Today is one of those days I wish I had a whole lot of money
,. I would have spoilt you silly. Because,, because you've been a blessing to us from the moment I set eyes on you that beautiful morning. Right before me, your life evolved and you found your niche. May that path lead you forever right.


At the beginning of the movie Back to The Future, George is an embarrassment to everyone and has no self-respect. He does not have a good job and doesn’t make a lot of money. Biff controls George and makes him do his work. Marty is embarrassed by his father and fears he is going to turn out like him.....

Reason of returning to study after 12 years of work experience;:
During my career, I have not been able to get beyond the middle level management positions. Main reason of that was the lack of my theoretical background
onin construction management field. WithBy returning to study, I aim to eliminate my cur.....

Technology is a vital part of operations in any organization,; however, the selection of appropriate technology is a challenging decision. This paper aims to develop a model for assessing the level of appropriateness of technologies for users inof the Fars Province Gas Company. To do this, thea combinatio.....

The virus has a grave influence on People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA)’s psychological well-being (references); most of all, their PTSD is allegedly the pressing issue of PLWHA (CITE). According to the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fifth Edi.....

In the Nazca Desert of Peru, south of the capital city of Lima, enormous networks of strange lines mark the stony surface of the land. Believed to be over two thousand years old, some lines run perfectly straight for miles. In contrast, other lines form complex designs and figures of animals. The sc.....

Some of the most magnificent Easter eggs in the world, were created by Peter Carl Fabergé. A, a master Russian goldsmith. In 1884, Czar Alexander III wanted a special Easter gift for his wife, the Czarina. Although Fabergé’s first imperial Easter Egg appeared to be an ordinary hen’s egg. The, the outer shell.....

This research will indagate
tweetsTweets whose authors are cis-gender and transgender and or transsexual Japanese women, to determine the current usage of Japanese women’s language or joseigo in the social media setting. The lexical features of joseigo will become the tool to measure the amount of.....

I am very pleased to have news from your newsyou and to know that all the members of your family are doing well.
Since aOver the past few months, the number of COVID contaminationscases has extremely decreased in Algeria. It is not due to social distancing measures, which are not really respected, ornor to the vaccination campaign.....

I am sending this email on behalf on me, omranof Omran and filippoFilippo and myself.

Regarding ofWith regard to our meeting yesterday Omran, you and me I discussed about how we should solve the problem with Rezkalla company.
Kindly inform that
me and omranOmran and I found that the solution you proposed, that we need to change the information (new.....

Nelson Mandela wanted a change and that is what he was going to do! 1961 an ANC military organization, Umkhonto we Sizwe ("Spear of the Nation"), Mandela as its president, it iswas formed to resist the apartheid andapartheid using peaceful protests. The Spear of the Nation military wing hadcommitted subsequent acts of viole.....

DearTo whom it may concern,
I'm writing to you regarding one of your students
, Maddi Brown. Her TikTok account recently came to my attention, and the content of her videos has been concerning, to say the least. I have attached the videos below, and as you can see, they are intentionally spreading transp.....