Which Editing Service is Right for You?

The general level of writing competency expected in today's society is higher than ever before. Whether a business email, job application, or even social media post, accuracy is important. More and more people are turning to proofreading services to give them a helping hand.

You only need to Google “Editing Services” to be inundated with responses claiming to offer the best service at the best price. With such a range of different platforms available what should you be using to best suit your needs? We have compiled a guide to online editing services that will help you make the best-informed decision to maximise your accuracy when writing.

  • Send-away proofreading sites
    The slightly more traditional method...send away your text to be corrected by a real professional proofreader and receive the corrected version via email once they have finished. Usually used for more important, long texts such as university papers or research papers. You are guaranteed a high accuracy level due to the qualified human eyes that will thoroughly comb it over, although it won’t come cheap. High cost makes this option not so accessible but if you are looking for serious correction and don’t mind investing, then it may be ideal. Due to high demand you may have to wait a while to receive your corrected text so this isn’t optimal for those who are looking for a quick fix.


  • Free online instant spelling & grammar checkers
    The ultimate quick fix, just copy and paste your text into the site and receive on-the-spot corrections. Sounds too good to be true...mainly because it is. Unfortunately, this type of service doesn’t do so well in the accuracy stakes due to the fact that it is computer generated and not checked by human eyes. Many mistakes such as correctly spelled words used in the wrong context, will fly under the radar as it is often impossible for a computer to be able to pick up on them. Being completely free means that it is an accessible option although keep in mind that this is not a foolproof option and so not an advisable choice for editing important texts. Fitting for students or those on a tight budget who wish to check work of less significance.


  • Built-in correction programs
    Enables you to integrate a simple spelling and grammar checker into most of the outlets on your computer. Will suggest corrections for emails, documents, or even social media posts imminently (whenever online). Similar to the free online checkers except that integration makes ease of use much better. Also similar in the fact that it won’t pick up on all mistakes! As no human correction is involved, accuracy is in no way guaranteed. Some of these programs are free of charge which can be useful for those who don’t want to invest any money but can compromise on quality.


  • eAngel
    Probably the smartest editing platform available today, eAngel combines advantages from all of the above in order to create a platform ideal for everyone. eAngel can be easily integrated into your everyday life by checking all of your emails before they are sent to the recipient. If your text isn’t an email then it can simply be sent to eAngel and you will receive the corrected version directly back to you. By making use of real professional proofreaders accuracy levels are high and response time is the fastest you will find for human correction. Although not a completely free option, costs are kept to a minimum due to charges being worked out in accordance to number of corrections and length of text. Cheap enough to be accessible for students on a tight budget and accurate enough for the most important business material, eAngel really caters for all. This unique platform is equally useful for non-native speakers and native speakers.

Have a look at our next video about how to start using eAngel.

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eAngel.me is a human proofreading service that enables you to correct your texts by live professionals in minutes.