After I graduated, I worked as an administrative assistant and that improved my skills on the administration side. On the other hand, I developed my interest in fashion,; I was following up on trends and innovation in the fashion world, especially since this field needs constant reading and being updated. In consequenceConsequently, after the developments that my country ishas been witnessing and its support for these fields, I took this golden opportunity to fulfill my dream to study in Milan, the city of fashion, and follow my true passion and get my master’sMaster’s degree through your esteemed university,. I have read a lot of information extensively about it, which has made me look forward to studying there.

I have seen all the conditions required by those responsible for your
master's degreeMasters' programme, all of which apply to, and the financial ability to pay tuition regularly and the governmentGovernment will fully support me in studying and theremy studies. There are no problems with that, knowing the absolute commitment and diligence and perseverance inwith respect ofto the study,. I also like the atmosphere of educational competition and the constant knowledge of everything new.

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