The reason behind the introduction of a master's degree at Politecnico di Milano University is due to my strong desire to fulfill my dream of studying fashion design.
Since childhood, I have had an interest in fashion
, so. I used to make accessories for my hair and clothes, and my family supported me with that.
Moreover, this major is not available in Saudi universities, which will make me one of the first Saudi women to specialize in accessories design and will open up great opportunities for me in
the professional aspects, preferably if the study is a master's.

In 2019, I earned a bachelor's degree with a specialization in English language and translation at Princess Noura University with a very good grade. My university path is the starting point for opening up to the world and achieving my dream. However,
Fashionfashion design is my passion, and I have always dreamed of continuing my educational journey in Italy, which has artistic and cultural elements and hasalong with many internationally classified specialties.
In addition
, toit has the model educational environment, which helps to extract the inherent inner forces, and achieve the stage of creativity.

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