The par graphparagraph shows the variation ofvariations in the usage of internet, PC, mobile phonephones and CD players in the united kingdomUnited Kingdom from 1996 to 2003.
From the statistics, it can be inferred that there
werewas a noticeable increase in the four trends throughthroughout the period showntaken into consideration. It is clear that the internet access did not existin homes was not common until 1998/99.
CD players had the biggest
figureincrease in usage among all the elements that were analysed, with 60 percent in 1996/97 and about 82 percent in 2002/03. The figureFigures for the home computercomputers also had a gradual increase between 1996 and 2003,; it is clear that the percentage started with approximately 30 % in 1996/97 and reached around 55% in 2002/03 by a margin of, growing by 25%.
ForAs for mobile phonephones, there arewere fluctuations in some intervals, the figure was; figures were almost stable before 2000/01 and then returning to increaseincreased again until 2002/03.The usage of the internetInternet usage started in the year 1998/99 and experienced a rise starting withfrom about 10% and reachingto above 40%.

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