Accounts teamTeam,

With reference to
the above e-mail to school, its has been almost 9 days past schools since school has started face to face learning. stillStill, I there ishave received no reply from school till date &until today. I didn't got anyget a call from school regarding my sonson's studies, as well as nonor have we been given an alternative solution provided. (study material or online class). As per KHDA notification, schools should start face to face learning . School & Transportthe transport team gothad 2 months time to get approvals from concern dept.'s toconcerned departments and arrange the transportation tofor students , but still its in dilemmait's an issue.

Now my concern is
that I already applied for Tc from school . As discussed with your accounts teams, they are asking me to pay OCTOctober fees, which should be paid as per KHDA rules. .Refer to my mailemail, which I sent on 30th August to school, werewhere the the matter was discussed briefly but. But I didn't gotget a reply, so how would I know what school has decided to do asdo? As such, failing to provide us the information imeant that I continued my sonson's studies in the month of septSeptember. Now, who is defaulter whatat fault? What is the responsibility of school onlyschool? Only to collect fees, or should you provide any other alternative solutionsolutions to parents/students .parents/students? Accepting the failure of providing information to the parents , I request that you to waive the octOctober fees and release my son's transfer certificate.

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