We had a customer who came on 06-05-22 at 11:30 Pmp.m. I werewas alone and she was carryinghad a gift voucher from rivoli watch ,Rivoli watches. She asked to getfor an optical frame with an optician lens, but she needsneeded to do an eye test. I showed her many frames and advicedadvised her to buy a Gucci frame sheone. She paid 940 AED invoice(invoice number : 0054500545). I then i asked her to keepleave the frame with us and explained that on the second day I will makewould arrange an appointment to do the eye test to order the lens. she acceptedShe agreed to this. SecondOn the second day iI called her and she visited our store at night. Ms. Amina did the eye test for her. thenThen the customer came outside the refraction room with Ourour optometrist . WeWe were surprised when the customer asked Ms. Amina : Do i'Do I need to take the frame with me?me?' Then Ms. Amina said, yes'Yes, take it with you and do the eye test in hospital.' then doThen she added: 'Do not come toback here, because iI have transferedtransferred to Jimi mallMall; just bring your prescription and come to our store in JIMI Jimi to do the order .' *As per what happened: Ms. Amina tried to guide the customer to otheranother branch and she did not think may be the customer willmight go to othera competitor and if; as the check up requiredcheck-up needed to be done in the hospital, whyMs. Amina asked her to take the frame with her instead to askof asking her to bring the prescription or send it via whatsappWhatsApp. Ms. Amina is the one advicedwho advised her to get her frame from our store .

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