The given line graph reveals the information about population of youngsters varied in United Kingdom from 1990 to 2001 . The data is calibrated in percentages and children are categoriesedcategorized into 4 age groups . In an overview , it is visible that the percentage of infants , between 0 to 4 years old , declined over the period, whereas the ratio of juveniles (10 to 14 yearyears old ) increased in United Kingdom . To begin with , in 1990, ,the proportion of infants was nearly 26% and fell to 23.5% by the end of the decade . On the other hand, ,the ratio of juveniles, which was 23.1% in 1990, increased to 26.1% by the year 2001 . The percentage of both age groups were 25% in the startingbeginning of year 1997 . Moving further , proportiona portion of 5 to 9 years old grew steadily tilluntil 1997 . Afterwards, the ratio of this age group started to decline . Moreover, the percentage of 15 to 19 years oldyear olds, which was above 26% in year 1990, had a drastic fall later on .

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