IT budget 2022 is planned to consume at maximum, as users are facing problems due to vintage IT equipment and some new requirements for efficient system operations.
In order to
fulfillfulfil the purpose, there will be requirements of adjustments in between IT heads within IT budget due to the following reasons:
a. Rapid increase in prices of the IT equipment
; in. In the same year, some IT demands were raised by IT Managers but halted due to an increase in prices and did not pursue further with revised rates.
b. Effect of increased prices was the procurement of less than demanded IT
eqptequipment. In order to tackle this issue, IT equipment standardization was introduced to get maximum equipment within the available IT budget.
c. Some items were not demanded in the budget but are most essentially required in order to fix audit observations.
d. As a strategy in year 2022
, we have planned to get maximum users related IT equipment. In year 2023, we have planned for overall changes in IT environment concentrating more on security, data availability, disaster recovery, new licenses, and cloud options, etc.

It is requested to please approve the suggested adjustments within the IT budget. Even after proposed adjustments, we have a remaining budget if
facefaced with any price increaseincreases in targeted procurements.

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