‏A person must face painful obstacles in life, but these obstacles make you a strong, self-developmentself-developed and self-motivating person.

‏For example, when I graduated from high school and wanted to apply to the University of Medical Sciences, I faced an obstacle, which
iswas that my grade with abilities was bad, and some people were throwing some bad words at me, and they told me that you cannotI couldn't do anything, and yet I did not despair and worked on myself.

‏After that, I traveled to Tabuk and entered a specialization that I did not desire, and I studied a lot and tried a lot. My family was next to me, and they helped me a lot with their beautiful words and encouragement to me, and even some doctors at the university.

‏And now, here I am at the beginning of realizing my dream. I entered the nursing profession in Umluj, and I am very happy and aspire for more

‏as well.

‏In the end, I want to say that whoever wants to succeed will do so, but you have to trust God, then trust yourself, and also do not give up, work a lot, and overcome everything yourself.

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