Mr. George,

Good morning.
My name is Andrew Moss and I am with Electron Charger. We are the only EV charging mfg. technology company in Indianapolis and IN. I know you have been very successful in multi housingthe multi-housing arena. We are disrupting the system and not selling through your traditional electrical distributors and are selling directly to our verticals, and construction companies are one of them. We are currently using this model successfully with Mr. Ritman at Gilliatte.

Our focus is on Indiana and the region and to give you
white glovewhite-glove service in this EV space. This philosophy has taken us all across the U.S. by starting to work with companies here in Indiana. We can put you in the charging technology distribution business and create a revenue stream for you as the adaption of electric vehicles increases and ordinances start requiring them to be put in your developments. Currently there is a 30% Federalfederal tax credit for the property owner.

We will provide you with the education, training and maintenance to successfully run an EV program for your client.
Our coastal competitors orare buying chargers off the shelf from a local electrical distributor who cannot meet this level of value. We are very customer centric focused.

Do you have time to jump on a
zoomZoom call this week andso I can introduce myself and tell you more about what we are doing? I am very interested in hearing what kind of demands you are getting from your customers with regards to this EV demand. I look forward to talking with you.


Andrew Moss

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