My love, today you would have been 58 years young. 37 birthdays I spent with you and all 37 meant something incredibly special to me because you were my everything. So many times before your birthday you would hint that you wanted me to make a German Chocolatechocolate cake. Oh, how I enjoyed baking you those German Chocolatechocolate cakes and celebrating your extradentaryextraordinary existence. This is the second birthday without you, and I still feel brokenhearted and miss you so very much. They say time heals, but I call bullshit… timeTime will never heal how much I miss you. It’s in my dreams that I am in your arms and we are together again. The waking up part really sucks!! On this day June 19, 2023, I celebrate the time we shared together on this earth, as I weep from missing you. I wish you a heavenly birthday, one that you are dancing with your beautiful mother and playing golf with your pops. I love you, sweetie.

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