Good morning, Nekane,
I hope you are well.
apologiesapologise for the delay in response, unfortunatelyreplying. Unfortunately, I was on Annual Leaveannual leave whilst you were on the trip, so was not present for the check out / payments for each hotel. So,But thank you for your patience whilst I looked into this for you.

Unfortunately, I have had a look, and it seems at a certain point, the hotel has stopped replying to our ICE Ancil team (in charge of bank transfers) once theythey’d asked for certain details that they needed to actually process the bank transfers.
We requested a final tax invoice in GBP, USD, or EUR in order for us to make a bank transfer,
and at this point the Conrad had stopped responding. ThisUnfortunately, this means that unfortunately the bank transfer was not processed within the 15 days the hotel had requested for your refund to be processed.

I contacted the hotel yesterday, pleading to let us process the bank transfer now
, and for them to refund yourself, unfortunately tobut with no luck.
, at(at the Conrad,Conrad) responded today – ‘Since the guest left the hotel on November 14, 2023, the refund date has passed, so we are unable to refund to the guest.’

I am very sorry for the outcome
withof this, as I understand that all other 4four hotel payments went smoothly(?).

I would recommend processing your £512.11 charge with Penguin
, and claiming back with expenses.

Again, I can only
apologiesapologise for the inconvenience.

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