It is crystal clear that smoking is unhealthy and harmful for a plethora of reasons. No one can deny that it has killed numerous people and damaged the health of others. Smoking affects your lungs, heart, and teeth.

To begin with, most
of the smokers have got diseases related toin their lungs. That is, lungs get affected, and they do not function well after a long period of smoking. For example, smokers suffer from a number of problems in the respiratory system, and they do not breathe well.

In addition to that, smoking is harmful to the heart. Whoever smokes, may get naturenatural attacks at any time. To explain, getting addicted to smoking for a long period of time may fastenhasten the heart beatsbeat and bringsbring about strokes. Therefore, smoking may hasten the death of anyone.

Along with that,
smoking affects teeth and causes decay. To delve into thethis point, it makes teeth look like charcoal. For instance, whoever smokes daily as a habit can be known or recognized from histheir teeth and lips. Teeth become dirty, decayed, and fragile.

To conclude, virtually all doctors in the world advise people to stay away from smoking. That is, it is well known that it affects special organs in the body and brings about hazardous diseases.

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