Dear Instagram Help Center

MyThe complaint in question is that anmy Instagram account was blocked from entering, claiming protection against "phishing".

Beginbegin, on September 13th, my Instagram account, known as ron_buchbut, was blocked. Then, Toto reactivate the account, I was asked to send a verification message to a mobile number or email, which posed an issue since they were both very outdated. I tried to find out the details of thethese accounts, yet I was met with no success. I finally tried through Facebook, since the accountaccounts are synchronized with each other. When I tried to log in through Facebook it did not let me. As you can see, I am out of options and have come to you through this email. I hope we can arrange a solution to have the account back up.

The mobile number listed on Instagram that I no longer have
- is 0523852420, and my new number in recent years - is now 0509595789. The email listed on Instagram - is, and my active account is

If I
am neededneed to send additional identifying information I will gladly do so.

Best regards, Ron Bohbot.

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