Warm greetings. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. I am writing to share with you an encouraging message from the Bible.
Will we ever see an end to violence? For example, war,
crime, and terrorism?terrorism. We have seen so much death and destruction of latelately. For instance, "More than 220 shot and killed in U.S. gun violence over July 44th holiday weekend," Reported CBS News, on July 55th, 2022.
The Bible describes our time as "the last days," a time when people would act in fierce, brutal, and savage ways. (2 Timothy 3:1,3) However, the Bible promises a time when violence will end and "people will dwell in a peaceful abiding place, in secure dwellings
, and tranquil resting places. -Isaiah 32:18.
To learn more about the permanent solution to violence, scan the QR code below and read the article "Peace on earth at last!"
My contact details are m.williams737@btinternet.com or text 07594 992404.

Kind regards,

Michael Williams

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