Remote work isn’t worse than working in an office - as we will prove in this post. In our experience, remote work can provide employees the same benefits as in-office work. If you're concerned that remote employees are feeling isolated due to a lack of face-to-face contact, organize an online integration! We know what we're talking about because we go to great lengths to ensure that our employees feel cared for, integrated, and committed to the life of the company.
To play the game, employees had to join a Zoom meeting. They were divided into several smaller groups. Each of them had to solve a crime mystery. The game took place in a real place and time. The tasks required participants to cooperate and interact.

This inconspicuous online game proved that, despite the distances that separate us, we can act together, help each other, and work toward the same goal. Even if we only see each other through a computer screen, our experiences are equally powerful as those we have in the office.

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