Hartmut everyEvery day and night Hartmut, Hartmut you are my sunflower. You give me the power and brighten up my day. youYou are soas sweet like aas honey. You canI can’t get you out of my head oh my loving and sweet Hartmut. yourYou’re everything to me. I can't imagine life without you. anymore ohOh my sweet chubby Hartmut without you I would die for you. You are my most precious one, the man of my life. I always wanted you and make fun to hold you so tight. I love you with all my might. ohOh Hartmut, oh Hartmut you are so handsome that you make me crazy you make me a fool. You drivendrove me whilemad on that one summer night oh Hartmut. I can't resiststand a second without you onin my sight. Oh my lovely Hartmut you're everything to me. I want to spend you all my life in, every day and every night oh Hardmutwith you. Oh Hartmut oh my sweet Hartmut you're everything to me.

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